A Letter to Every CHESONA Customer

A Letter to Every CHESONA Customer

Let me tell you something more about CHESONA

“Hi there, welcome to! My name is Wade and I’ve been growing with CHESONA since it was established in a small 10*12 feet underground warehouse in 2017. So I’m so glad to be here with you guys and tell you the real story about CHESONA.

Well first, let’s dive into some background information about CHESONA. Back in the summer of 2017, Jackson (the CEO of CHESONA) found something interesting that will change his entire life in the near future. When Jackson was trying to finish his articles by typing on his iPad 9.7’’, he found himself always mistouched the keyboard on the iPad screen and that was really bothered him because it reduce his productivity at some point. To resolve this, Jackson went to stores and see if there were any solutions for him. Unfortunately, he failed and divided to make something different himself. Two months later, the first model of iPad 9.7’’ keyboard case was made in Jackson’s underground warehouse with his teammates and named it CHESONA H1 Keyboard (new updated as CHESONA H3 Pro)."

“After the brief introduction, I guess that you’ve already known a little bit about how CHESONA was created. Want to know more? Next, let’s jump to some concepts and commissions that our team CHESONA had had from the very beginning and will carry for forever. You might know CHESONA as a brand selling tablet keyboards. But in fact, it’s not only our job to provide supportive keyboard cases, but a reflection of our sincerity to be creative and powerful. We want to improve your professional working performance and inspire a better way to the state of flow. Just as our concept goes: ‘CHESONA believes flexibility is vital to living a balancing work-life. Create your work as a piece of work: follow your own rhythm then surf to the flow’. In 2022, CHESONA will continue to explore new paths in product designing and production and more importantly to improve our customer service to a higher level. New collections will be made to meet the demand from various groups of people to help them optimize their productivity.”

At the end of the story, I, as an original member of the CHESONA family, kindly invite you to join our community and feel free to share any suggestions and ideas with us! Together, we strengthen in numbers and build up a brighter future for CHESONA and ourselves.”  —------Wade (CHESONA’s Marketing Manager) 

Updated August. 2021


Feedback from the team members

Employees are talking about their company

Title:Customer Service Consultant


CHESONA is my first company when I graduated from school. I've worked at CHESONA for one year, and I am so grateful I was hired. This culture is so positive, caring, and so many people have gone out of their way to help me, I love this place!”
Title:Senior designer assistant


“I joined CHESONA because the company culture supported my need for work/life balance, a positive work environment, and an awesome team.”
Title:Project Manager

Josh William

“Great place to work! This is by far the best company I've worked for. They offer amazing benefits and really care about the culture. They take everyone's feedback into consideration to make sure they're taking the right steps to make us happy.”
Title:Senior marketing assistant

Ken Peterson

"it’s fantastic to see the company is making their new employees better by offering exclusive lessons for new skills, but still, a lots need to be done in the future if it wanna to be one of the best companies."
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