CHESONA® H3 Pro for iPad Pro

Size Guide
iPad Size :

✦H3 PRO 11 INCH: This keyboard case with Multiport is compatible with iPad Air 5th Gen 10.9 inch 2022 (A2588/A2589/A2591 )/iPad Air 4th Genn 10.9 inch 2020 (A2072/A2316/A2324/A2325 ), iPad Pro 11 inch 2021 3rd Gen(A2377/A2459/A2301/A2460), 2020 2nd Gen(A2228/A2068/A2230/A2231), 2018 1st Gen(A1980/A2013/A1934/A1979).

✦H3 PRO 12.9 INCH:This keyboard case with Multiport is compatible with iPad Pro 12.9 inch 2021 5th Gen(A2378/A2379/A2461/A2462), 2020 4th Gen(A2229/A2069/A2232/A2233), 2018 3rd Gen(A1876/A2014/A1895/A1983). 

✦Type-C PORT & SMART CONNECTOR: Easily detached to accommodate different uses and work environments, it supports up to 60W power delivery pass-through charging through H3 Pro. If not typing, just detach the keyboard and enjoy your beautiful iPad screen. The 6-pins connector transfers both data and power between the iPad and the keyboard. Place your iPad Pro into the case, plug the built-in Type-C cable into the iPad's port, turn it on and your keyboard automatic pairs and be useful.

✦HDMI PORT: HDMI port provides a perfect solution for extending your screen in a variety of resolutions including 4K@30Hz and 2K@60Hz. Connect iPad input device with other corresponding output devices via an HDMI cable, such as HDTV, projector, monitor. Simply and conveniently enjoy the thrill of the big screen. This will be a good choice for Enterprise, Office, Multimedia Teaching, Meeting Room, Gaming Room, Home Theater, Research Test, etc. (The HDMI cable not included)

✦USB HUB & AUDIO: For a better working experience, it also comes with USB Ports that allow you to expand your storage space with the USB drive or connect with a mouse(above iOS 13.0) for precise control and navigation. With our all- in-one hub design, you can connect iPad Pro to the external monitor, TV, gaming mouse, hard drive, headphone, camera, or more devices like never before. A standard 3.5 mm audio plugs, like headphones or speakers, plug a headphone in for more immersive enjoyment.

✦7 COLOR BACKLIGHT & POWER SWITCH: Colorful LED-backlit keys provide a consistent and comfortable typing experience in low or no light conditions. Three levels of brightness light and seven colors (Blue/Green/Red/Cyan/Purple/Yellow/White) to meet your visibility needs and allow you to master your workspace atmosphere freely. The keyboard power switch on the back of the cover can easily turn off the keyboard when not used which will not drain the iPad battery and prolong the battery life.

✦NOTE:Please check your iPad model carefully before purchasing. Perfectly supports Wireless Charging for Apple Pen 2nd generation. Specific pencil slot to place the pen when fully charged. Batteries aren't included in H3 Pro.

Question: How to change the backlight of keyboard?
Answer:    There is a key with light bulb pattern to control the backlight. Press the “light bulb” you can adjust the brightness level Press the “light bulb” and “Pg Up”/ “Pg Dn” together, then you can switch the backlit color.

Question: What’s the usb-C port on my chesona keyboard case for?
Answer:    For charging the iPad while it is in the case.

Question: Do I need a separate usb-c cable to charge my chesona keyboard?
Answer:    No, the keyboard have a usb-c cable to insert in the iPad for connection and charging. When you insert it, you can use the USB-C port to charge you iPad.

Question: Does the pencil holder on the keyboard charge the pencil?
Answer:    To charge the pencil, please attach it to the top of the keyboard.

Steps 1. Make sure iPad is fully charged.
Steps 2. Install iPad into the case.
Steps 3. Pull out the Type-C cable hidden on the right side of the case.
Steps 4. Plug the Type-C cable into the case and iPad firmly.
Steps 5. Switch on the power behind the case.
Steps 6. Put the iPad down into the keyboard, successfully pair.
Steps 7. The blue sign appear on top right (beside battery on the screen), the backlit will light.


With 7 colors backlit keys, you can even work in any low-light environment. And the brightness level can be also adjusted on the keyboard if you need different lights.


Paired with Type-C Connector, H3 Pro keyboard can be instantly powered by iPad Pro. A real one-stop solution for productivity creators like you.
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