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CHESONA® H3 Pro for iPad Pro
✦H3 PRO 11 INCH: This keyboard case with Multiport is compatible with iPad Air 5th Gen 10.9 inch 2022 (A2588/A2589/A2591 )/iPad Air 4th Genn 10.9 inch 2020 (A2072/A2316/A2324/A2325 ), iPad Pro 11 inch 2021 3rd Gen(A2377/A2459/A2301/A2460), 2020 2nd Gen(A2228/A2068/A2230/A2231), 2018 1st Gen(A1980/A2013/A1934/A1979)....
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CHESONA R3 Touch for iPad Pro 11 inch
✦ Compatible Devices: Model code can be viewed from the back of the iPad.iPad Air 5th Gen. 2022 (Model Number: A2588/A2589/A2591), iPad Air 4th Gen. 2020 (Model Number: A2324/A2072/A2316/A2325), iPad Pro 11 inch 3rd Gen. 2021 (Model Number: A2301/A2459/A2460), iPad Pro...
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CHESONA R3 Touch for iPad 10.2 inch
✦ iPad Model: (Model Number: A2603/A2604/A2605) / (Model Number: A2270/A2428/A2429) / (Model Number: A2197/A2200/A2198) /(A2152/A2123/A2153/A2154) / (A1701/A1709/A1852). ✦ Touchpad Keyboard: Multi-touch trackpad perfectly adapts to iOS system, with plentiful trackpad gestures, delivering a comfortable user experience while allowing you to click, scroll,...
CHESONA® KM2 Keyboard & Mouse Comb - Space Grey
Your All-in-One Station: CHESONA KM2 can connect up to three Bluetooth devices to type with ease across multiple screens – simply switch devices with a press of a button. Wireless Bluetooth Connection: Featured with Bluetooth 5.0/3.0 and 2.4GHz capabilities, The...
CHESONA® KM4 Keyboard & Mouse Combo
✦ 3 Unique Modes of Backlight:CHESONA wireless keyboard and mouse with 3 different modes of backlight. M1: Flow Mode: The backlight will flow automatically with 7 color. M2: Static Mode: There are 7 pure colors of backlight for you to choose....
CHESONA® KM3 Keyboard & Mouse Comb
【Dual Mode with Bluetooth & 2.4GHz】CHESONA Wireless keyboard and mouse can easily connect via 2.4G receiver or Bluetooth Channel. Bluetooth 5.0 + 3.0 technology provides stable connection and within 33 feet without any delays. Only plug in the 2.4G USB...
$47.98 $39.96
CHESONA S1 Keyboard Case for Surface Pro 7 / 6 / 5 / 4
✦COMPATIBILITY MODEL:Specifically designed for Microsoft Surface Pro 7 (2019 New Release) / Surface Pro 6 (2018 New Release) / Surface Pro 5th Gen (2017 New Release) / Surface Pro 4 12.3-Inch Windows Tablet Only (No Trackpad). Please check your tablet...
CHESONA S1 Touch Keyboard Case for Surface Pro 7+/ 7 / 6 / 5 / 4
✦7-color backlight, 3 levels of brightness adjustable for low, middle and high.The keys under the backlight will become brighter and semi-transparent, providing you with a different visual typing atmosphere. ✦Equipped with a smart touchpad that can accurately control and navigate,...
CHESONA G1 Touch Keyboard Case for Galaxy Tab A8
✦[Precision Touchpad] The Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 keyboard case features a touchpad that records the smallest movements, allowing you to interact quickly, precisely, and comfortably with just one hand. Support multi-gesture operations, move left and right or return to the...
CHESONA G2 Keyboard Case for Galaxy Tab S8 Plus/ S7 FE/ S7 Plus
✦Galaxy Tab S8+/ S7 FE/ S7+ Keyboard]:Compatible with Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus 12.4" 2022 (Model: SM-X800, SM-X806, SM-X806B, SM-X806U, SM-X806N), S7 FE 12.4" 2021 (Model: SM-T730, SM-T733, SM-T736B ) S7 Plus 12.4" 2020 (Model: SM-T970, SM-T976B). Please check your...
CHESONA R2 Keyboard for iPad mini-7.9 inch
✦New iPad Mini 5/4 Keyboard Matte Design Bluetooth Case - ONLY fit for Apple iPad Mini 5th Gen 7.9 inch 2019 (A2133/ A2124 / A2126 / A2125) & iPad Mini 4 2015 (A1538 / A1550). This great quality portable artificial...
CHESONA R2 Keyboard for iPad-9.7 inch
✦Specially designed for iPad 6th Generation 2018 (A1893/A1954), iPad 5th Generation 2017 (A1822/A1823), iPad Pro 9.7 2016 (A1673/A1674/A1675), iPad Air 2 (A1566/A1567) and iPad Air(A1474/A1475/A1476). You can check the model number on the iPad’s back cover. Please NOTE that the...
CHESONA M1 Keyboard for iPad mini-8.3 inch
✦MAGNETIC SEPARATION:The magnetic detachable design helps switch between the desktop office and handheld reading mode at any time, which is more suitable for the portable office of iPad mini 6. ✦BLUETOOTH CONNECTION:Continuous and stable wireless connection technology, supports a range...
$59.98 $49.98
CHESONA F1 Keyboard for iPad - 10.2 Inch
✦ Design for iPad 10.2 9th Gen 2021 (Model Number: A2602, A2603, A2604, A2605)/8th Gen 2020 (Model Number: A2270, A2428, A2429, A2430)/7th Gen 2019 (Model Number: A2197, A2200, A2198). Not for iPad Pro 10.5 2017/ iPad Air 3 Gen 10.5...
$42.99 $39.98
CHESONA F1 Touch Keyboard for iPad 10.2 / iPad Air 10.5 / iPad Pro 10.5
✦ IPAD 9TH/8TH/7TH GENERATION CASE WITH KEYBOARD: Specially designed for 10.2 inch iPad 9th Gen 2021 (Model Number: A2602/A2603/A2604/A2605)/8th Gen 2020 (Model Number: A2270/A2428/A2429)/7th Gen 2019 (Model Number: A2197/A2200/A2198), iPad Pro 10.5 2017(A1701/A1709/A1852), iPad Air 3 Gen 10.5 2019(A2152/A2123/A2153/A2154). Please kindly...
CHESONA F1 Touch Keyboard for iPad Pro 11 / iPad Air 10.9
✦COMPATIBILITY: iPad Air 5th Generation Case with Keyboard is compatible with iPad Air 5th Gen 10.9 inch 2022 (A2588/A2589/A2591 )/iPad Pro 11 inch 3rd Gen (A2377/A2301/A2459/A2460)/iPad Air 4th Genn 10.9 inch 2020 (A2072/A2316/A2324/A2325 )/iPad Pro 11 inch 2nd Gen (A2228/A2068/A2230/A2231)/iPad...
CHESONA F1 Touch Keyboard for iPad Pro 12.9
✦Compatible with iPad Pro 12.9 - The slim folio keyboard case is perfectly right for iPad Pro 12.9-inch 2021 5th Gen (Model A2378/A2461/A2379/A2462) & 2020 4th Gen (Model A2229/A2069/A2232/A2233) & 2018 3rd Gen (Model A1876/A2014/A1895/A1983), please NOTICE the model at...
CHESONA DK01 Multi Device Wireless 7 Color Backlit Keyboard
✦ 7 PURE COLOR BACKLIT: White, red, purple, yellow, cyan, green and blue, 7 pure colors led backlight by the backlit wireless keyboard lighten up your night. There are also 3 different brightness(Low-Mid-High-Off) to adjust according to your requires. It's...
CHESONA F1 Keyboard for iPad Pro - 12.9 Inch
✦ IPAD PRO 12.9 KEYBOARD CASE 2021 & 2020 & 2018: Compatible with iPad Pro 12.9 inch 5th Generation 2021 (A2378/A2379/A2461/A2462) / 4th Generation 2020 (Model Number: A2229/A2069/A2232/A2233) / 3rd Generation 2018 (Model Number: A1876/A2014/A1895/A1983). Specific pencil slot to place the...
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