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Do you need an iPad keyboard, and how to choose one?

15 Jan 2023

First, you need to understand what made you want to buy a keyboard for the great iPad. When you need to type a lot on the iPad, the touchscreen typing experience is not friendly! Our original intention is to have a better typing tool.

As the functions of the iPad become complete, we prefer to use the iPad instead of a laptop because it is more portable and creative. Despite the functionality of the iPad, some people prefer a physical keyboard, which can make us type faster and more comfortably, especially for lengthy typing sessions. We want to buy an equally portable keyboard for the iPad to bring us a better typing experience.

Then, the next thing we have to consider is where we will use the iPad keyboard:

If you are a student and use an iPad keyboard for notes, you will use it in the classroom, library, at home, etc.; I recommend you

CHESONA Enlightener1 Duet Keyboard

Pros Cons
Easy to carry Inconvenient to use on the lap
With iPad protective case
Detachable keyboard
Price friendly

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If you are an office worker and use an iPad keyboard for the office, you will use it in the office, meeting room, car, etc.; I recommend you

CHESONA Foreseer1 Duet Keyboard

Pros Cons
With USB-A & USB-C ports, an HDMI port, and a 3.5mm audio port, convenient for office Heavy
With iPad protective case No trackpad
Detachable keyboard Requires iPad battery
Durable build

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If you are an artist/designer/creator and need to record your every inspiration anytime, anywhere. You'll use it in your creative room, in a cafe, or even on a street chair. I recommend

CHESONA Foreseer1 Cloud Keyboard

Pros Cons
Thin and lightweight iPad less protective
Easy to attach and detach

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In the end, no iPad keyboard is perfect. The best iPad keyboard is the one that meets most of your needs.

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